Autumn 2019

This autumn, as opinion is polarised and division deepens in British politics, we celebrate difference and solidarity via a packed series of events with internationally significant artists and curators tackling subjects urgent and timely. Join us for events with James Richards, Alia Syed, Lucy Parker & Mohaan BiswasPetra Bauer & SCOT-PEP; and screenings of Hito Steyerl’s The Empty Centre; and work by Lis Rhodes with films and readings. Not forgetting Kids’ Club – and The Rough Cut returns in November with Kitty Anderson as guest moderator.

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Image of Film Bee's performance, 'Visions of Collisions', 26 September 2019
Dialogue: Film Bee

'If there is an agonistic thrust to this project, it might be to argue for an alternative approach to cinema-sociality, which embraces moments of collectivity, as spaces to seek connection and mutual understanding, acceptance etc. Neither devoid of conflict, and passion, nor organised exclusively around it.' Read more...

Dialogue: Sophie Soobramanien

I was wanting to find something rooted, a connection, those filmic gems that would edit themselves. What came through more prominently were the in-between, inconclusive moments where it’s a little awkward, and the subtle frustrations that go with it. Read more...

A new co-commission with MIMA by Laura Harrington, in the context of the exhibition ‘Fragile Earth: Seeds, Weeds, Plastic Crust.’ Read more…


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Uncontrollable Universe

'James Richards specialises in moving images that prod the attention of their viewer: which image, when and why, are the parameters he leaves open.' —Joseph P Henry on 'Uncontrollable Universe' Read more...

Artist interviews

Dialogue: Harriet Plewis

'I’m just trying to find a way of watching films and sharing an experience that moves away from discomfort or alienation (a lot of gallery viewing experiences) and ableism (quite a few cinema spaces). It’s not that I want to dis cinemas, though, at all. Part of the reason I wanted to do it at Tyneside was that well nice thing of being able to be alone with films whilst in the company of others. That feeling of letting a sound system or projection seep into you. That indulgent focus. Cinemas are good for that, aren’t they?' Read more...