Summer 2019 programme

This summer we invite slime and sock puppets, colliding perspectives and awkward tourists into the cinema for a season marked by three new performance works. Sophie Soobramanien’s new film performance Ou est le pouce? returns to her parents’ birthplace to unpick assumptions around heritage and nostalgia, while Bryony Gillard explores the dangerous female voice in Harmonic Anatomies / Wet Mouths (+linked workshop with Maggie Nicols), and Visions of Collisions sees Film Bee take apart and rebuild the cinema experience itself. Start them early, meanwhile, with Gayle Meikle’s Video Ga Ga — artists’ film for babies!

Open Call

Our fourth Open Call deadline for artist and curatorial proposals is Monday 22 July. Read more and apply here.

A new co-commission with MIMA by Laura Harrington, in the context of the exhibition ‘Fragile Earth: Seeds, Weeds, Plastic Crust.’ Read more…

Dialogue: Susie Green & Simon Bayliss

'In my mind I associate some of these videos, such as Prodigy’s 'Out of Space', with Derek Jarman’s 'Journey to Avebury,' a trip through the Neolithic landscape of Wiltshire, home of Stonehenge, crop circles, and no doubt lots of outdoor raves.' Read more...


Contoured Thoughts

'When was the last time that you heard nothing? What sound does your body make? Does it hum? Do you crack? Does the weight of the world pull at your centre?' —Nephertiti Schandorf on 'Contoured Thoughts' Read more...

Artist interviews

Dialogue: Harriet Plewis

'I’m just trying to find a way of watching films and sharing an experience that moves away from discomfort or alienation (a lot of gallery viewing experiences) and ableism (quite a few cinema spaces). It’s not that I want to dis cinemas, though, at all. Part of the reason I wanted to do it at Tyneside was that well nice thing of being able to be alone with films whilst in the company of others. That feeling of letting a sound system or projection seep into you. That indulgent focus. Cinemas are good for that, aren’t they?' Read more...