Spring 2019 programme

What might an artists’ cinema look like? This spring, we’ve three possible answers. Josh Wilson rethinks cinema’s mode of attention in 75,000 Solar Emblems, fusing talk, performance and screening, while Susie Green & Simon Bayliss look to the ubiquitous form of the music video for signs of DIY culture in Artists’ Music Videos. Harriet Plewis’ day of live music, film and movement Loving Attention, meanwhile, proposes a parallel cinema of community and dialogue. Maybe the alternative is hiding in plain sight! More…

Dialogue: Harriet Plewis

I’m just trying to find a way of watching films and sharing an experience that moves away from discomfort or alienation (a lot of gallery viewing experiences) and ableism (quite a few cinema spaces). It’s not that I want to dis cinemas, though, at all. Part of the reason I wanted to do it at Tyneside was that well nice thing of being able to be alone with films whilst in the company of others. That feeling of letting a sound system or projection seep into you. That indulgent focus. Cinemas are good for that, aren’t they?


Big Talk

'The pop music you listen to as a child in some way transforms you. Like a worm, it wiggles its way into your consciousness and helps to create your ideas of romance and emotion, sex and drama.' —Francesca Gavin on 'Big Talk' Read more...

Artist interviews

Dialogue: Holly Argent

I’ve been thinking, when you programme film you can also be offering something of yourself at the same time as presenting another’s work and I wanted to sandwich myself within and around KwieKulik’s films as a way of doing that, to be vulnerable and to take programming film as a component of a practice just like any other. Read more...