Giles Bailey, Nellie Saunby, Sophie Soobramanien & Jamie Hammill: Islanders - Version 3

This new collaborative work, combining moving image and live performance, builds on strategies of co-authorship and ways to work together developed over the course of the 2-year project ‘Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects’. Through collaged fragments, the work explores the construction of island identity at a point when the UK’s relationship to other landmasses and the sea around it is in flux. By expanding and re-staging diverse historical representations of islands that exist in the popular imagination, Islanders proposes critical relationships to states of isolation, political fantasy and the promise of rescue.

This third iteration of the work will be made for the specific context of Tyneside Cinema, placing live performance and choreography alongside projected sequences.

Thursday 6 December 2018
Tyneside Cinema (Kino)
£6 / £4

About the artists

Giles Bailey works largely with performance, writing or strategically appropriating texts that he performs himself. Since 2016 he has workedin collaboration with Newcastle and Düsseldorf-based organisation CIRCAProjects. Exhibitions and performances have been hosted variously by CCAGlasgow, Kunsthalle Basel, The Hepworth (Wakefield), The Northern Charter (Newcastle), Chisenhale Gallery (London), OUTPOST Gallery (Norwich),Transmission Gallery (Glasgow) and KW (Berlin).

Sophie Soobramanien, Jamie Hammill and Nellie Saunby graduated from Newcastle University’s Fine Art programme in 2018. Previously they co-initiated the curatorial collective Double Yolk and have exhibited their work at Newcastle University Degree Show, Copeland Park, isthisit? and 36 Lime Street.