Loving Attention: gig and film screening

A performance of the songs that were collaboratively written during the project Reading Room: meeting the universe halfway. Plewis has invited North East-based artists Grace Denton, Rene McBrearty, Nicola Singh and Cherry Styles to re-interpret the Reading Room songs for Loving Attention at Tyneside Cinema.

Sunday 19 May 2019
20.00 - 22.15
Tyneside Cinema (Gallery)
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£6 / £4


A musical performance, beginning with a film screening of Reading Room: Sunday (Plewis / Bower 2018 25mins). As for all other events in this programme the Gallery will be transformed into an informal ‘relaxed screening’ room, where audience can choose between chairs, cushions and sitting or lying on the floor.

For full access information, please see the Loving Attention overview.


Reading Room: meeting the universe halfway [SUNDAY: STINGRAY]

Harriet Plewis

Video, colour, sound

About the artist

Harriet Plewis is a London based artist. Her activity is rooted in moving image, performance and the contexts of feminist pedagogies. Plewis’s projects are concerned with the conditions for co-creation and often draw on sound, movement, interior design, rehearsal techniques and philosophical writings. She facilitates devised exhibitions and film works and is currently developing a practice of ‘expanded reading’ wherein the way in which textual knowledges are exchanged can be coaxed beyond a relationship between the lone eye and the page.