Video Ga Ga: Gayle Meikle 

A selection of films exploring experimentation in artist moving image and the sensory world of infants. Tailored to your babies’ development, this short programme introduces you and your baby to the wonderment of colour, light, motion and sound. 

Screened with the lights up a touch and the sound down a little for the comfort of your youngster. 

Saturday 27 June 2019
Tyneside Cinema (Gallery)
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About the curator

Gayle Meikle is an independent curator and researcher based out of Newcastle. Her practice is located within the curatorial, with a deep interest in the spatial, socio-political implications thereof. She is currently undertaking a practice-led PhD at the BxNU Institute (Northumbria University).  Her forthcoming thesis The Erotic Curatorial: A Feminist Approach to a Critical Spatial Practice in Curating explores a situated and embodied approach to curating. From 2013 to 2016 she worked with contemporary arts organisation ATLAS Arts to deliver a two-year visual arts programme in the Outer Hebrides. Recent past projects include A Polyphonic Essay on Eros (2019) co-curated with Alexandra Ross, BALTIC 39; An Address to Holy Motherhood (2019), Bad Spirits; A Seat at The Table (2018), Gallery North; it feels right to me (2017), LUX Scotland & GFT; NEO NEO // Extreme Past (2016), co-curated with ATLAS Arts, Scottish National Galleries.