All Souls' Day

KwieKulik (Przemyslaw Kwiek & Zofia Kulik)
Super 8 transferred to video, colour, silent
Shown in 'Holly Argent: Interleaving the Archive (Group Action With KK)'
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A walk including photographic-performance elements, minimal sculptural interventions and a memento mori. KwieKulik (Przemyslaw Kwiek and Zofia Kulik) go to the cemetery on All Souls’ Day to take photographs: Kulik lights candles and places chrysanthemums – typical seasonal plants considered ‘cemetery flowers’ – on graves, and films Kulik taking pictures. Later, they take some of the chrysanthemums and candles home to the PDDiU (Studio for Art Activities, Documentation and Propagation), lay them on the floor and photograph them in new surroundings. Kwiek films wrinkles around Kulik’s eye – wrinkles caused in part by her constant squinting when she looks into the viewfinder. Then Kulik bares her chest, indicating her heart.