Thingy – Monument to the CULTure of Pot-Boiling

KwieKulik (Przemyslaw Kwiek & Zofia Kulik)
Super 8 transferred to video, colour, silent
Shown in 'Holly Argent: Interleaving the Archive (Group Action With KK)'
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This multilayered, self-reflective performance, which includes a sculptural stage set, was entitled Thingy after an over-sweetened, childish form of the Polish word ‘coś’ (something). This ‘something’ is covered in brown paper and hung nearly 1.5 m over the floor in the corner of the room in a bag suspended by four ropes. Kwiek and Kulik, both with little diamonds glued to the tips of their noses, stand at its sides, which are lit by two slide projections. They hold books in their hands, opening them randomly and alternately reading fragments of two poems by Norwid and Apollinaire. Then they switch on the interior light and remove the brown paper, revealing a sculpted head, golden in front, with a little diamond sitting at the tip of its nose. At the back of the head there were rags, paper, wire and lumps of plaster. A book – the catalogue of Pot-Boiling works made by KwieKulik – is placed on top of the sculpture and slides, documenting the artists’ Pot-Boiling works, are projected onto two perpendicular walls of the room.