Siân Hutchings: 'Quietly Beneath'

Our Graduate Artist in Residence for 2019-20 is Siân Hutchings, who is working on a new film which will launch in February 2020.

Siân proposes to expand the aural boundaries of painting through her film. Thinking of painting we often relish its visual allure, becoming consumed by colour and texture, our eyes sinking in. So much of our language is governed by our eyes but our experiences go far beyond looking. Through the residency she will consider painting for its voice, opening the cracks behind the seemingly mute surface. The cinema poses an interesting dynamic to this problem. How can we begin to expand upon a sonic understanding of painting? Engaging with the cinema as a space for listening, Siân’s film will suggest painting not as a static work of art but rather as a live material with its own agency.

About the artist

Siân Lyn Hutchings is an artist currently based in Newcastle. She recently completed her MFA at Northumbria University as part of the BxNU programme. Siân’s practice is grounded in understanding environments through ‘active listening’. Her work approaches experience through an equality of the senses, working on sites as an aural architect. It is presented through performances, writings, workshops and discussions. A recent series of podcasts can be found at