Benjamin Owen: 'You behold him then you behold me'

Still from Benjamin Owen: 'You behold him then you behold me'

You behold him then you behold me is a speculative portrait of two musicians musing on their physical relationship to sound and audience: Steve Workman, an ageing, partially-sighted piano tuner; and Corey Mwamba, a virtuoso vibraphone player who swore to cease public performance in 2019. Live-recorded soundtracking connects their twin performances, suggesting a re-imagining of political and philosophical energy within their respective mental and physical spaces.

Benjamin Owen
Video, colour, sound
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About the artist

Benjamin Owen makes work with film, music, performance, and installation. A celebration of participation, improvisation, and collaboration are at the heart of his practice, with a use of live soundtracking to reframe and undermine relationships between film, sound, ageing, and body.

Projects have unfolded over several years and involved various partnerships and collaborative events. Owen’s two-year project with Cubitt Gallery and residents of Mildmay Care setting ‘Going Along without a Body’ manifested as two exhibitions in public libraries, socials in the care home and gallery, a day-long soundtracked performance event at Iklectik and a series of films. A  text by Lizzie Lloyd about this work is available.  Similarly, G O / D F “ 2015 – 2016 was a dual film portrait, a series of live events and a publication by Kit Poulson.

Owen has worked within a variety of institutions, running creative workshops and teaching art within schools and colleges. He is also a musician, and continues to make music and sound work as well. Originally from Truro, he is now based in Glasgow.