Maria de Lima: 'E, A, O (tones for voice and colour)'

Image from video by Maria de Lima, 'E, A, O (tones for voice and colour)', 2019

E, A, O (tones for voice and colour) explores the potential of language to operate as a colonising tool. It focuses on translation and its limitations as a means to untangle how culture and histories of empire/colony become embedded within language. Framed within a female-centred narrative it uses the body and its symptoms of digestive imbalance as means to address the political. History becomes an embodied experience held in the layout of the spaces we live in and the words that overwrite our bodies.

Maria de Lima
Video, colour, sound
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About the artist

Maria de Lima (b. 1985 in Recife, Brazil) lives and works in Glasgow, UK.  De Lima’s practice delves into the possibilities of colour and perception in the production of place. Recurring motifs readjust in various media. Works move between plant, human, and the human-built, tapping a spontaneous energy of growth that draws on human need, full of desire, to construct. There is a constant locating and relocating of the point of genesis, the energy that it takes to create something. Exhibitions include: An Exit Soft To The Touch, ANDOR, London, UK; December Mostra, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy; Modest Villa Immense Versailles, Kinman Gallery, London, UK; Outpost Members’ Show Selected by Nik Void, Outpost, Norwich, UK; Royal Academy Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK; Conscientia: Latin American Consciousness, Lloyds Club, London, UK.