Graduate Artist in Residence 2014-15: Callum Costello

’NEVERMORE’ is a multi-screen moving image artwork which explores themes of sentience and artificial intelligence. The work was a collaboration between filmmaker Callum Costello and soft matter physicist Ewan Hemingway.

About the artist

Callum Costello is a UK based writer and filmmaker. He has previously been selected for Black Factory Cinema Workshop in Peru with Werner Herzog, Screenwriting Goldmine Tribe 6, Digital City Teesside Innovation Fellow, BAFTA Guru Pro, Vita Nova Business Bootcamp, and has been the featured artist in Photographic Artists Review and lungs magazine #2. His films include Su Madre el Rio, Yuri, Big Jump and Nevermore. He is the founder of At Breath’s End Ltd. 

Callum Costello was the first Graduate Artist in Residence at Tyneside Cinema.

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